America: The matter of shameful teacher-disciple tradition came to the fore, lady teacher made relationship with 15-year-old student

41-year-old teacher became pregnant, student accepted the matter of physical relationship

A teacher is considered very special in the life of any person. After the parents, the teacher is considered the closest, but sometimes some such stories come out which put this sacred relationship to shame. One such case has come to light in Florida, US where the police has arrested a pregnant teacher. People are very angry with the teacher since the reason for the arrest came to light. In fact, the female teacher is accused of having an affair with a minor student. The most shocking thing is that she became pregnant after the alleged affair. According to the report, the accused is a 41-year-old teacher named Harry Clavi. Harry is accused of having an affair with a 15-year-old student and is now pregnant with the student’s child. She is currently 8 months pregnant. The police have arrested the teacher and are interrogating him.

Let us tell you that the teacher is accused of having an affair with a minor as well as ignoring the safety of the children and bringing a gun to the school. Although the victim child denied all the allegations against the teacher, saying that the teacher did not sexually abuse her, what happened was of her own free will but the law does not allow this to the minor, so the teacher has to face the case.

At the same time, the friends of the victim child told the police that they had seen the teacher and her pornographic video on the victim’s phone. A police spokesman says Harry is 8 months pregnant but it is not yet known whose baby it is. At the same time, after the arrest, the process of expelling the teacher from the school has been started. And now she cannot teach in other schools.

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