‘Adi Purush’, coming to lure the weapon of Brahmastra, is going to be chanted from this day of Navratri

After seeing the boycott of his film after Lal Singh Chaddha, Karan Johar lost his sweat!

New Delhi. Aadipurush is going to be the most expensive film in the history of Bollywood. The budget of the film is such that Ayan Mukerji breaks the record of ‘Brahmastra Part One: Shiva’ in just four days. Ever since the announcement of the film was made, the film has remained the talk of the town. Kriti Sanon shared the screen for the first time with Prabhas in the film. The film is targeted to release on twice as many screens as Brahmastra. Earlier it was said that the film’s cheer will be on the first day of Navratri in Ayodhya, the city of Ram, but now there are reports that the film’s cheer will be on the day of Durgashtami.

‘Adi Purush’ coming to seduce the weapon of Brahmastra

The film ‘Adipurush’ is going to be a mega budget and a pan India film. The film will be released in several languages ​​including Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese. Apart from this, in India too, the film will be dubbed in many languages ​​including Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya. Its format will range from 2D to 3D and 3D IMAX. Earlier the promotion of the film was going to happen from the first day of Navratri but now it will be started 2 days before Ravana Dahan i.e. from 3rd October. The film will be released on more than 20 thousand screens. It is being said that the film will break the records of ‘Brahmastra Part One: Shiva’ and other films. This film can overshadow the second part of Brahmastra.

Will be released on more than 2000 screens

Let us tell you that the cast of ‘Adi Purush’ is also going to come in the Ravana Dahan to be held on 5th September in Delhi. Prabhas Ram and Kriti Sanon are playing the role of Sita in the film. It is being said that after campaigning in Ayodhya, Prabhas and the rest of the team will come to Delhi and take part in the Ravana Dahan program. Significantly, the cost of the film is 500 crores and it is the most expensive film to be made in Hindi. While the cost of Ayan Mukerji’s film Brahmastra is Rs 410 crore.

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