Famous Exhibitor Manoj Desai also praised the teaser of the film “Hanuman”, said – this film… Hanuman Teaser

Famous Exhibitor Manoj Desai also praised the teaser of the film "Hanuman", said - this film... Hanuman Teaser

New Delhi. Manoj Desai, who is called the life of Indian cinemas, or rather the life of Mumbai cinemas, has given his statement regarding the upcoming film Hanuman. Let us tell you that the teaser of Telugu film Hanuman has been released just two days ago. Prashant Verma is making this film. Where the film based on Shri Pawanputra Hanuman ji is now to be released. At the same time, the discussion of this film was going on for a long time and ever since the teaser of this film came, the praise of the film has increased even more. The audience who were not aware of the film have got excited about the film since the teaser came out. The enthusiasm of the audience is at its peak for the film Hanuman, while Mumbai’s famous exhibitor Manoj Desai has said what has been said for the film Hanuman and for its release teaser, here we will tell the same.

Manoj Desai is one of the well known Exhibitor of Mumbai but also of India. It is said that if the people of Maratha Mandir and Gaiety Galaxy like the film, then no one can stop that film from becoming a hit. Manoj Desai is the owner of both Maratha Mandir and Gaiety Galaxy cinema halls. Who are quite happy with the teaser of Hanuman. While the audience is praising the Hanuman teaser, Manoj Desai ji says,

“If there is a teaser for Pawanputra Hanuman then who will be happier than us and who will be happier than us. I am very happy The way he is depicted on the big canvas. In the middle of a big ice Shivling, Ram-Ram is shown chanting the name, so if a film based on Ram devotee Hanuman comes like this, then what can be better than this.

HanuMan Official Teaser | Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe | Teja Sajja |PrimeShow Entertainment 4K

Further Manoj Desai says, “Years ago a film came out in black and white called Pawanputra Hanuman. At that time people went mad after seeing him. I am sitting with huge expectations from this film. I welcome this film which is coming on the big screen with the latest technology.” While Manoj Desai pointed out the flaws in Adipurush’s character of Hanuman, he praised Kartikeya 2 film and said that Kartikeya 2 film had given him many houseful shows and he is hopeful that Hanuman film is also going to be a tremendous superhit film.

In such a situation, when the film Hanuman is being praised from all sides, now the audience is waiting for the trailer and release of this film. It is expected that soon this film will be released in theaters in Hindi along with other languages. Talking about the teaser, both the writing and visuals of the film are amazing.

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