Kapil’s aunt filed a case against Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu, made many serious allegations

Kapil's aunt filed a case against Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu, made many serious allegations

New Delhi. Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu, who won everyone’s heart with her beauty, is in the news. The model now seems to be embroiled in controversies. Actually Upasana Singh, who played the role of aunt in Sony TV’s popular show, has made serious allegations against Harnaz Sandhu. The actress has accused Miss Universe of breaching the contract and has approached the court for the same. After all, what happened that made Upasana reach the court to complain. What is the whole matter..we will tell you that.

Alleged breach of contract

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu is going to debut in Punjabi film ‘Bai Ji Kuttan Gai’ industry. The film ‘Bai Ji Kuttan Gai’ is produced by Upasana Singh. There is a dispute between Upasana Singh and Harnaaz Sandhu regarding this film. Actually Upasana says that Sandhu had to promote the film and she had also signed a contract for that but she did not honor the contract. It is worth noting that Sindhu was working in this film before becoming Miss Universe. She did not become Miss Universe then. However, now the actress is not following the contract and is not even picking up Upasana Singh’s phone. With this complaint, Upasana has reached the court.

Case filed in Chandigarh District Court

Upasana has filed a case against Harnaz in the Chandigarh District Court. Upasana says that Sandhu has refused to give dates for the promotion. Now she is not showing any interest in the film. In her complaint, Upasana has sought damages in the form of breach of contract as well as apology. Now no statement has come out from Kar Harnaaz’s side on all these allegations.

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