Saif Ali Khan wanted to make this actor’s wife! Amrita Singh wanted to make this actor’s wife not Saif Ali Khan, because of this it could not be done!

Amrita Singh Affairs.

New Delhi. Bollywood actress Amrita Singh, who once made people crazy with her beauty and acting, lives alone at this time. If seen, Amrita Singh’s personal life is no less than the story of a film. You must have known about marriage and divorce with Saif Ali Khan but do you know. Before Saif Ali Khan, there was someone in Amrita Singh’s life with whom she was in a very serious relationship but due to one reason she had to end their relationship. It is also said that if she did not face a problem, then Amrita Singh would not have been Saif Ali Khan but the wife of this person. So let’s know who was the person with whom Amrita wanted to marry.

A part of Amrita Singh’s life, there was a lot of discussion about her relationship with Indian cricketer Ravi Shastri. According to media reports, both Ravi Shastri and Amrita Singh were in a serious relationship but due to a condition of the cricketer, their relationship broke up. It is said about this condition that Ravi Shastri wanted Amrita Singh not to work in films after marriage. However, Amrita Singh did not approve of this. In such a situation, both decided to end their relationship.

Was also close to actor Vinod Khanna

Amrita Singh’s name was later associated with actor Vinod Khanna. It is being told that both were working together in the film ‘Bantwara’. During the shooting, the closeness between the two grew. There were also reports about the marriage between the two, but due to the actress’ mother Ruksana Sultan, this relationship of Amrita Singh could not work.

Amrita Singh Affairs

Actually, Amrita’s mother Ruksana Sultan had objections to two things. The first thing was that Vinod Khanna was married and the second reason was that Vinod Khanna was much older than Amrita Singh. After this Saif Ali Khan entered the life of Amrita Singh. Both got married in the year 1991. However, this marriage broke up in the year 2004 only after 13 years. Both got divorced and separated.

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