Satish Kaushik: Pm Modi wrote condolence letter to Satish Kaushik’s wife, Shashi Kaushik expressed gratitude

Satish Kaushik: Pm Modi wrote condolence letter to Satish Kaushik's wife, Shashi Kaushik expressed gratitude

New Delhi. Recently, great artist and director Satish Kaushik passed away. Heart attack has been the cause of death of Satish Kaushik. When the news of his death came, a wave of show ran across the country and many people were surprised to hear this news. Satish Kaushik had played Holi in Mumbai a day earlier and happily met his co-stars. But the very next day when he went to play Holi in Delhi, he suddenly started having trouble breathing and died on the way to the hospital. Everyone expressed deep condolences after this news. From actors to politicians expressed grief over this news. At the same time, Prime Minister Modi has sent a condolence letter to Satish Kaushik’s wife. Here we are going to tell about it.

The photo of the letter sent by Prime Minister Modi to actor Satish Kaushik’s wife has been shared by Anupam Kher on his social media. PM Modi has expressed deep condolences on the death of Satish Kaushik in his letter. The letter sent to Satish Kaushik is written in Hindi. In this letter, Prime Minister Modi has praised the work and personality of Satish Kaushik.

Prime Minister Modi has expressed his condolences to the family of Satish Kaushik. The Prime Minister said that Satish Kaushik is rich in valuable talent. Satish Kaushik has enriched cinema with his creativity. The Prime Minister says that Satish ji has done a great job as an actor, writer and director. According to Modi ji, the character played by Satish Kaushik will always remain like a sweet memory in the hearts of the people. The film world has suffered an irreparable loss due to Satish’s demise. PM Modi has prayed to God for the family of Satish Kaushik that may God give them the strength to bear the loss in this hour of grief.

Anupam Kher has shared this letter of the Prime Minister on his social media and has shared the words of Shashi Kaushik, wife of Satish Kaushik, “Respected Prime Minister, the letter sent by you in this hour of grief is a balm for me and our family. is like When the Prime Minister consoles on the death of a loved one, it gives strength. I thank you on behalf of our daughter Vanshika, our family and fans of Satish Kaushik ji. And I pray to God for your long life. Regards! Shashi Kaushik.

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