The magic of PS-1, a film on the history of Chhaya Chola Empire, on the fans, Aishwarya’s acting won hearts,

The magic of PS-1, a film on the history of Chhaya Chola Empire, on the fans, Aishwarya's acting won hearts,

New Delhi. Mani Ratnam’s film Ponniyin Selvan 1 has been released in theaters today. Many big stars of South and Bollywood have been cast in the film. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is also playing the role of Maharani in the film. The budget of the film is also huge. The film is a period drama film which depicts the golden history of the Chola Empire. The budget of the film is more than that of Ayan Mukerji’s film Brahmastra. The budget of Brahmastra is 450 crores while the budget of Ponniyin Selvan is 500 crores. Twitter is buzzing about the film. Users are giving good response about the film.

The film has done business of 11 crores

There is so much craze among the fans about the film that advance booking of the film is being done indiscriminately. It is being said that the film has already earned 11 crores even before its release. After which it is being speculated that the film can open bumper on the first day. Bookings for the Tamil version were started a day before. In the Tamil version itself, the film has earned 10 crores in bookings while the rest of the version has earned 1 crores. Fans are also praising the film fiercely on social media. Users are praising Aishwarya Rai and Trishna Krishna’s acting.

Liked Aishwarya Rai’s acting

One user wrote while praising – Kundvai (@trishtrashers) and Nandini (#AishwaryaRai) face-off was the best scene which was fun to see on the big screen. That moment was full of arrogance and struggle. Another user commented – #PonniyinSelvan1 of #ManiRatnam is a brilliant adaptation that brilliantly captures the intrigue, adventure and page-turning quality of #Kalki’s books. The start is slow but the second half is fun. The response of the fans is coming very good for the film. However, on this day Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan’s film Vikram Vedha has also been released. The film has got 4 stars in terms of rating. Now it has to be seen which film is going to come out ahead in terms of earnings. The special thing is that the film is going to be a Pan India film and it will be released in different languages ​​on a large scale. In such a situation, it will not be easy for Vikram Vedha to survive in front of Ponniyin Selvan as the boycott was going on before the release of the film.

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