What are the signs of heart attack know Heart Attack Symptoms Risk and Recovery

What are the signs of heart attack know Heart Attack Symptoms Risk and Recovery

Our heart is a muscular organ, which beats 1 lakh times a day. Our heart is located on the left side of the chest, which pumps 5000 gallons of blood throughout the body in 24 hours. The main function of the heart is to supply oxygen and nutrients to our tissues. If this organ fails to fulfill its function, then its result can prove to be fatal.

In the present era, heart attack has become a major cause of death not only in India but all over the world, so we should take such measures with the help of which serious heart diseases can be avoided. We need to be aware of this because we are doing something or the other in our daily life which is harming the heart health in the long run. Let’s know what are the reasons that cause heart attack-

High Cholesterol: In India, the trend of eating oily food is very high, due to which bad cholesterol starts accumulating in our blood. This gradually causes blockages in the arteries. Due to which our blood pressure increases very much. When the blood has to exert force to reach the heart, it is inevitable to have a heart attack.

Processed Meat: Due to the development of food preservation techniques, meat can now be preserved from rotting for longer periods of time, but packaged meats found in the market are often hot processed which is hearty. Not good at all, so it is wise to avoid it.

Sleep Disorder: Most health experts agree that it is necessary for a healthy adult to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. Failure to do so may result in various problems. One of them is the risk of heart attack. Due to lack of sleep, blood pressure starts increasing which later causes heart attack.

Pollution: For the past several decades, air pollution in small and big cities has reached alarming levels. Especially in the metros, the air quality index has become very bad, in such a situation there is difficulty in breathing, as well as our heart gradually starts weakening, in future this problem turns into heart attack.

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