75th Independence Day: Golden girl Mirabai Chanu changed the world’s attitude towards India in weightlifting, achieved such a feat in Olympics and CWG that today…

New Delhi. This year the country will complete 75 years of independence and for this the people of Hindustan ‘Nectar Festival of Freedom’ Engaged in the preparations for making. In such NEWSROOMPOST Will also tell you for you some such exploits of sports stars, when they raised India’s head at the national level due to their performance. In this episode, today we are going to tell about such achievements of the country’s golden girl Mirabai Chanu, when she has illuminated herself and the country’s name. Today, the role of men in the development of India is equal to that of Indian women. Now if we talk about the sports world, then in this time’s Commonwealth Games 2022, once again Indian women proved that they are no less than men here too. True to this point, Mirabai Chanu won India’s first gold in the Commonwealth Games 2022. But by winning silver in the earlier Tokyo Olympics, the country’s promising woman made her own identity.

meerabai chanoo

History was created by bringing a medal in the Olympics

Mirabai Chanu will always remember the day of July 24, 2021 and the reason for this is that she got India a historic silver medal in the 49 kg weight category during weightlifting in the history of Olympics. On this day, the country’s favorite Mirabai Chanu won the silver medal by lifting a total of 202 weights including 115 kg in clean and jerk and 87 kg in snatch. After this, this golden girl of the country became the first Indian woman to win a medal in Olympic history and the second player to win a medal in weightlifting for India during the Olympics. This is the reason why you cannot take this achievement of Mirabai Chanu lightly. He made history by giving Indians a medal at the Tokyo Olympics after 21 years.

First gold medal given to India in CWG 2022

Mirabai Chanu’s journey did not stop after the Tokyo Olympics, but after that Indians started expecting more from her. Keeping this hope alive, Mirabai Chanu got the country the first gold medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022. He lifted a total of 201 kg during this period. He won the gold medal for his country by defeating his opponents by lifting 88 kg in the first snatch round and 113 kg in clean and jerk.

Who is Mirabai Chanu?

Mirabai Chanu, who became a part of every tongue due to her hard work, was born on 8 August 1994 in Nongpok Kakching village. Mirabai Chanu was from a lower level than a middle class family. According to media reports, she used to go from far away to get wood from the forest for cooking and Mirabai Chanu used to pick up huge piles of wood from the age of 12. Due to her hard work and passion to do something for the country, today she has become a well-known name in the sports world and is illuminating the name of the country by winning medals one after the other. This is the reason that today in the celebration of India’s 75th Independence Amrit Mahotsav, his achievements have been recorded in the name of the country, among them silver medal in Olympics and gold medal in Commonwealth Games.

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