Danish Kaneria: Former Pakistan cricketer Danish Kaneria made fun of PAK jersey, said such a thing, there was panic among the team managers

New Delhi. You must have heard the name of Danish Kaneria, the only non-Muslim former player of the Pakistani cricket team. Kaneria is drenched in the flood of headlines due to some issue or the other. Kaneria, one of the most outspoken players, has also made the managers of the Pakistani cricket team a victim of his impudence on several occasions. Not only this, many times he has also accused the team managers of discriminating against himself for being Hindu, due to which there has been an uproar in the Pakistani cricket team. Now after reading all this, you must be thinking in your mind that after all that is all right, but what is the point that you are weaving these long webs of roles in the context of Danish Kaneria. Let me tell you something openly, so let us now tell you everything in detail.

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In fact, keeping in mind the upcoming T20 match, all the teams are busy in boosting their preparations. In the recently concluded Asia Cup match, the team whose performance has been disappointing, they are working hard in their preparations. Now in this episode, the jerseys of the players were issued by the Pakistani team managers. After which the dress of Pakistani players started being ridiculed on social media. Some likened it to watermelon, some to melon and some to papaya.

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Now in the meantime Danish Kaneria has also ridiculed the Pakistani jersey. He has described Pakistani jersey as a flower shop. Let us tell you that he compared the Pakistani jersey to the front ninja game. Usually in this game people have to cut flowers. Talking in detail in this context on his YouTube channel, he said that first I would like to talk in detail about the Pakistani jersey. It looks like a complete flower shop to me. It seems that many fruits have been mixed in Pakistani jersey. It should have been dark green. It means that you are standing at the fruit shop. The jersey of the Indian team is also of light colour, it should be of dark colour. In dull colors, you look dull.’

Let us inform that after the jersey of the Pakistani team, Kaneria also criticized the disappointing performance of India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup. He said that the way both the teams have performed in the Asia Cup. Fans of both these teams have been disappointed by this. Now in such a situation the players of our team will have to work hard to give an encouraging performance in the upcoming T20.

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