Dubai: Two flights going to India narrowly survived, could have been a big accident

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We often hear about accidents at airports due to various reasons. Recently another similar news has surfaced at Dubai International Airport. On 9 January, two passenger planes of Emirates bound for India survived a collision. Now the investigation of this matter has been started.
According to the information, the Indian aviation regulator DGCA has asked its UAE counterpart to share the investigation report of the incident that took place on January 9 at the Dubai airport. It is being told that Dubai to Hyderabad flight EK-524 was getting ready to take off and was gaining speed for take-off on the runway for the flight, when EK-568 landed on the same runway. The air traffic controller refused the take-off of the EK-524. He said that EK-524 was to depart at 9.45 pm, while EK-568 was to take off at 9.50 pm. The take-off was then ordered by ATC to be cancelled. After which the speed of the flight slowed down and a major accident was avoided. While issuing a statement, Emirates has informed that an internal investigation has also been started in this matter.
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