Increased risk of cancer – increased risk of cancer

Increased risk of cancer - increased risk of cancer

The reason for the increasing cancer patients and more deaths in India is also the acute shortage of doctors. In India, there is only one doctor for two thousand cancer patients, while in America this ratio is one doctor per hundred patients, that is, twenty times more than India.

According to the World Health Organization’s Cancer Report, more than 10 million people worldwide die from cancer every year. Millions of people die every year from this incurable disease, not only in developed countries, but also in poor and developing countries. Apart from cancer, there are many diseases like AIDS, stroke, heart attack, diabetes in India which are taking millions of lives every year.

Cancer has spread rapidly in India in the last fifteen years. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) predicts that the number of cancer patients will increase more rapidly in the coming times. It is estimated that by 2025, one in five men and one in six women will be diagnosed with cancer and one in five women will die from the disease. It is worth noting that every two minutes in India, three people die of cancer. According to the estimates of the Cancer Institute, every year more than two million people will die from this disease only and there will be a significant increase in the number of active cases.

The picture of statistics about cancer is being seen, it is very scary. According to the report of the National Cancer Registry Program, in the year 2020, 13 lakh ninety thousand cases of cancer were reported. It is a matter of concern that by 2025 this figure may cross 15 lakhs. According to the survey, 13.5 percent of the total cancer deaths are due to breast cancer, 10.3 percent from oral cancer, 9.4 percent from uterine cancer and five and a half percent from lung cancer. Similarly, 26.3% of women with cancer die from breast cancer, 6.7% of uterine cancer and 4.6% of women die of oral cancer.

In India, 16.3% of men with cancer die of oral cancer, 8.8% of lung and 6.8% of stomach cancers. Significantly, the cases of oral cancer in men have increased rapidly in the last few years. These are increasing more due to the consumption of tobacco. Significantly, the death rate from cancer has doubled in the last ten years. Obviously, the government machinery does not have such a strong mechanism to deal with this disease, which is needed today. Rich people are able to get treatment abroad or in expensive private hospitals, but cancer treatment is beyond the reach of common man.

Cancer, like all other diseases, is growing more rapidly in those regions which are considered to be economically backward. If we talk about Bihar, it is known that it is a state where cancer patients have increased very rapidly in the last few years. According to the data of Cancer Institute, about one lakh patients are being found in Bihar every year. Most of the patients here are those who consume tobacco and who are suffering from oral cancer. Cancer of the uterus and breast in women and cancer of the liver and mouth in men is increasing rapidly. Here seventy nine percent of women are suffering from cancer, while the number of men is only twenty nine percent. Similarly, cases of cancer are increasing rapidly in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu etc.

The World Health Organization has made preparations at many levels to combat cancer, but the attack of Corona eclipsed them. According to the estimates of the World Health Organization, cancer is increasing at a much faster rate in developing countries than in developed countries. According to WHO data, a total of one crore eighty-one lakh cases of cancer were reported worldwide in 2018, out of which ninety-six lakh deaths occurred. Seventy percent of these deaths occurred in poor countries or middle-income countries like India. About eight lakh deaths were caused by cancer in India this year. That is, eight percent of the total cancer deaths in the world occurred in India alone, while in developed countries this figure is three to four percent.

The reason for the increasing cancer patients and more deaths in India is also the acute shortage of doctors. In India, there is only one doctor for two thousand cancer patients, while in America this ratio is one doctor per hundred patients, that is, twenty times more than India. The World Health Organization has warned that if concrete steps are not taken in time to prevent cancer, it can take the form of an epidemic. The organization has emphasized on raising more awareness of cancer globally.

Cancer cases are being found more in half of India’s population, which mainly works as a wage, job, farming or living at home. There are many reasons for suffering from this disease. The main reasons for this are due to chromosomal asymmetries and internal changes and gene mutation as well as untimely changes in hormones. Papilloma virus increases the risk of cervical and uterine cancer in women. HIV infection also sometimes becomes the cause of cancer. Similarly, the risk of gastric cancer and peptic ulcer is higher due to Helio bacterium bacterium. Today, due to stress, modern food and diet, this disease is increasing rapidly, especially in cities.

Finding more cases of cancer among poor laborers and farmers in India raises concern. In Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand, lakhs of workers are engaged in coal mines, cement factories, stone-crushing machines and the leather industry. Similarly, the condition of laborers engaged in industries like cement industry, beedi leaf industries, other dust and smoke factories, bangle industry, brick kilns, roads, chemical factories etc. is also such that they are out of danger of this dangerous disease. are not. In fact, the government’s awareness campaign on the causes of cancer is very slow. In villages it is negligible. The common man cannot be made aware of the prevention of cancer by merely referring to the statistics.

Secondly, work will also have to be done to eliminate the fear sitting around it among the people. The survey has shown that as soon as the matter of cancer comes in front of the patient, he starts seeing death standing in front of him. Cancer means death. However, it is not like that. Today all types of cancer are curable, provided the disease is diagnosed in time and treatment is available.

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