Kerala: When Shashi Tharoor started shaking hands of women Congress workers, people started making such comments after watching VIDEO

Congress, Shashi Tharoor

Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor is famous for his outspoken remarks and style. Wherever they go, they come into the limelight. He dominates the party as well as outside the party. Sometimes he brings to the fore the big and difficult words of English, and sometimes by giving a scathing reply to the comments of the people on his personal life, he also keeps making headlines in the media.

Senior party leader Shashi Tharoor groaned fiercely by holding the hand of a fellow woman worker during a program of women Congress workers in Kerala. When its video was shared on social media, users made many comments. A user named Pranesh Jha@praneshjha5 said, “Where does Bhavra stop myself by looking at the flower.”

Madhavi Gaur @madhaavee said, “Hahhaha whatever you say media to. If this is unique then what is a slouch.” Mr Logical@kshatriya_patil commented, “Not unique…Familiar style..” P Shukla@PShukla37197485 said, “Well done Shashi Tharoor ji, may Allah keep your youth safe.” Shakir Syed @SamarSayyed4 wrote, “Whatever happens in the country, the fun begins here.”

Recently, he expressed disappointment over the resignation of Hardik Patel, a Patidar leader in Gujarat and the working president of the Congress party in the state. Said “I have met him and been impressed by the young man who has a lot of passion, a lot of intelligence and the ability to contribute very effectively. So it’s a loss for us. Actually losing any valuable member of the party hurts us. Everyone has contributed or can contribute something and it is not good to lose them.”

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Chetan Bhagat posted a photo with Shashi Tharoor and told that there are two types of English in the country, the Congress leader asked- Can you say this Chetan Bhagat in English?

Regarding G-23, he said, “To be honest, I had to come to Kerala soon after Udaipur and I did not get a chance to sit and talk with all of them. Overall, I feel it is a wait and watch reaction. I don’t want to speak for everyone else, because honestly I am completely immersed in Kerala politics since last two and a half days… In my view, many reformists were always only interested in strengthening the party.”

Trying to “revitalize it, energize it and make it a more effective instrument of the values ​​and principles that we all hold dear,” he said.

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