Women were smuggling gold by hiding in the genitals; exposed like this

Women were smuggling gold by hiding in the genitals;  exposed like this

Due to Corona, the incident of theft is increasing in the country. In such a situation, a very surprising case has come to the fore. Every day thieves keep trying different tricks to steal gold. Another such case was reported from Mumbai, where three Kenyan women were caught by NCB stealing gold from the airport. An estimated one kg of gold was confiscated from the three women.

According to detailed information, through NCB sources, they had received information that some Kenyan women were bringing gold. Due to this, he was stopped at Mumbai Airport Terminal 2. The three women were coming to Mumbai from Doha at CSMI airport on August 17. However, after stopping the three, when their belongings were checked, they did not find anything from them. Because of this he was interrogated. However, during this time his health had deteriorated, due to which he had demanded to go to the doctor.

When the women were taken to the doctor, during their examination, the doctors found that something was hidden inside their vagina and anus. When further investigation was done, it came to light that about 937.78 grams of gold was found in the genitals of the three women. A total of 13 gold packets were found inside the three women, in which 17 gold pieces were found. All these gold pieces weighed from 20 grams to 100 grams.

The accused had kept the gold inside the detention and kept it inside the genitals. The three accused have been identified as Mehmood Khuresha Ali (61 years), Abdullahi Abdiya Adan (43 years) and Ali Saadiya Aalo (45 years).

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