Money and Relationships: When it comes to money, parents should tell children no, know when


Parents make every effort to raise their children. For this, he also accepts their every demand. In such a situation, many times children become stubborn and do not understand this even if there is financial crisis in the house. However, it is important for parents to understand that it is also important for children not to speak for money. Not only for little kids but also for teens and adults. It is important to teach children of all ages not to understand for money. For this it is important to know when parents should refuse money to their children.

when the child is under 7 years old

Set a spending limit for the child. Keep this limit as much as you can spend. Do not accept unnecessary demands at all. Especially forbid your child under 7 years old for money. Children under 7 have fewer needs. Even they know about few things. In such a situation, continue to refuse their demands from the beginning so that they understand it till further time.

in financial trouble

Parents never tell their children about their income. However, this should be talked about at home. Children should be told how much is your income and when you are facing financial crisis. In such a situation it is better to say no to the demands of the child.

The child is bowing under the pressure of friends

It is common that children get under pressure from their friends. This may include asking for the same things by seeing the things of your friends or asking for something different to show your friends. Understand that when the child is increasing his demand by seeing friends and do not make children for him. Give them only what is needed.

If your pocket money is already over

Give a fixed amount to your children as pocket money. However, also keep in mind that he does not ask for more by finishing it before the stipulated time. If the child does this, then explain to him how he can meet his expenses with the money given.

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