Viral: Two-year-old boy ordered thousands of burgers from mobile app, news going viral on social media

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In America, a two-year-old child did such a thing with his mother’s phone that there is a discussion all over the world. In fact, it happened that a two-year-old boy somehow took his mother’s phone and then accidentally opened McDonald’s mobile app and ordered 31 burgers from her. The mother shared a picture of her child with 31 burgers on Instagram. Kelsey Burkhalter wrote in the Instagram caption – If someone wants to eat, I have 31 cheese burgers from McDonald’s.

My two year old son has come to order burger from mobile. You can see my son sitting happily with a huge order of 31 burgers from McDonald’s. The bill for this entire item came to $ 91 (about 7000 rupees). Not only this, his son also gave a tip of $ 16 with online food. This entire order was online, whose payment was also deducted from the wallet, due to which the woman did not even have the option to return the order, so she had to take the order under compulsion.

The picture of so many burgers at once is going viral on social media, which is getting thousands of likes, comments and reactions. One user wrote – Seeing the picture, it looks like he is very happy to order so many burgers. At the same time, another user wrote – You can have a cheese burger party here. Apart from this, some people also made very funny comments. One user wrote that the child only ordered a burger? Should have ordered french fries along with it. Meanwhile, a user while narrating the anecdote of his daughter’s one year old child wrote that he gave his phone to his one year old child to play and the child ordered iPhone-13 from his phone.

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