Why  National  Technology Day  is  celebrated?

One of the fields India saw a major growth and development after its independence is science and technology.


With various advancements in the sector, India has climbed its way up in the list of countries that are potential superpowers in the coming future.


One of the most defining milestones in the timeline of India’s journey in scientific and technological.


India’s then prime minister, Atal Vihari Bajpai led the mission of making India an independent nuclear power.


Known as Pokhran-II, the nuclear tests were conducted on May 11, 1998.


There was a dedicated team of scientists, researchers and engineers that had to work on the mission


India celebrates National Technology Day on May 11 as it was on this day in 1998 the country successfully conducted the famous Pokhran nuclear tests.


With a vision to reach the same level and greater heights of success in the upcoming technological and scientific operations of any kind in the future, India observes National Technology Day on May 11.