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Pooja, Priya, Rupa… when the student drew a heart diagram on the answer sheet

New Delhi: In exams, students often resort to creativity. When they do not know the answer to a question, they

Aaryan Srivastav

Pushpak hit a hat-trick, why is this third landing important for ISRO, what will be the benefit

New Delhi. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has set a new example of success in the field of space.

Aaryan Srivastav

Anamika Anu’s love letter ‘Yarekh’ is a sweet relief in aggressive times

(Anamika) This unique collection of love letters edited by poet-thinker Anamika Anu is a sweet blow in our terror-stricken, war-stricken,

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Bhajanlal government will also review the 86 new bodies created during Gehlot rule

Roshan Sharma.Jaipur. Bhajan Lal government of Rajasthan will also review the 86 new bodies formed during the previous Congress Gehlot

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As soon as it rained, the forests turned green, now the Naxalites are in danger, the force started a special operation

Rajnandgaon. Pre-monsoon has knocked in the entire country including Chhattisgarh. Heavy rains have been seen in many parts of the

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Honey trapping ‘Lady Don’ caught on camera, seen running away at railway station

New Delhi. The woman who allegedly honey-trapped the 26-year-old man who died in a shootout at a Burger King outlet

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